Ada Forno`s commercial ovens are designed and constructed for the customers who want a bigger capacity of production as they run take-away pizzerias or similar restaurants.  Also some families may like to have bigger parties to gather in their backyard garden and they may need a commercial size brick oven. We offer commercial pizza oven solutions for those customers.

While using our commercial brick oven it will take about 20 to 35 minutes to heat up well enough to be ready for cooking. It is better to start to the fire at the center of the kiln and use hard wood to burn. There several options for wood but the best option is oak wood which will burn better and give the best smoky flavor to your pizza or anything you cook inside it.  We recommend you to not use woods which are not dry enough as it will smoke too much, and it won`t heat up well. While it is burning close the door, keep the vent open but when it is fired up well then you can close the door and allow the fire to burn and you can add wood as is required. It is a must to heat up the oven well with a good temperature. While it heated up well, you can sweep the coals at the left side, and you can put another hard wood over it to sustain your fire.

Always keep in mind that mastering the cooking of pizza or cooking your own pizza and style will take time as you will make trials to achieve the pizza taste you seek for.  It is better to try your oven with dough first and you can add some sauce on it as well . This trial will assist you to understand the achieved temperature inside your oven.  So it is better to do this trial.

Commercial Pizza Ovens and Tips