Ada Forno offers brick ovens in all designs and shape.  Our brick ovens are constructed of firebricks and refactory concrete which has a design mix of materials arranged for the brick ovens and durable to high temperatures. This makes our ovens hotter than the normal kitchen ovens if heated up properly, which means you can still cook for sometime after the last wood that you fired up in the oven, as the oven will cool down slowly due to its firebrick structure.

Pizza is a very popular food among the people of Atlanta and according to a survey performed among people in America, 65 % of adults and 49% of children consumes pizza in the year long.  And if we personally think, this number would be higher as pizza is very delicious and presents us with a diverse menu regarding the ingredients.

When we gather with our friends, one of the topics that might be discussed will be the pizza: where it should be eaten, which type is the best, what should be the ingredients be.  Italian, Greek or Turkish style pizza or any sort of American pizza. Resolution depends upon the type of oven you use for cooking your pizza.  At this point Adaforno offers you the best firebrick ovens in the market. You can cook any of it with our custom-made brick pizza ovens.

You can utilize a conventional oven to cook your pizzas but nobody can discuss the taste of a pizza cooked in the wood-fire brick oven. You can acquire higher rates of temperatures in our wood fired pizza ovens. If you fire and heat our pizza ovens well, it will take about 60 to 90 minutes to cook a pizza. Considering this rate, think of a huge family gathering, you can cook hundreds of pizzas in a very short time. In order to acquire a better smoky taste , you can choose slower ways of cooking your pizza so that your guests will be amazed when they taste your pizza.

Firebrick Oven Atlanta